Homily 2017 11 10 – Talents multiplied

Pope John Paul II - juggling audience

Juggling act before Saint Pope John Paul II

This past Sunday’s Gospel was on the multiplication of talents. It seems I have no talent for recording. The digital memory card maxed out. Gotta erase the previous sessions. Some points:

  • It absolutely doesn’t matter how many talents we have. Anyone who uses whatever talent he has to multiply it in whatever way will receive the same reward as the one who has many more talents and also multiplies them. The same reward. Heaven.
  • The fellow with the one talent who didn’t multiply his one talent didn’t do so because he couldn’t but because he had hatred and cynicism and bitterness in his heart. He purposely buried his one talent for the reason that he wanted to strike out at his Master who harvests where he did not plant and gathers where he did not scatter. He thought he was entitled to heaven because of his arrogance, which is really evil, a very thorough and very dark arrogance indeed.
  • If we have our Lord’s love we will multiply the talents through that love. The soup kitchen guy working the ladle at the pot, if he does this with love, will inspire others to work in a similar way, multiplying his talents. The same guy, if he does this with self-referential congratulations, will be lucky if he isn’t drowned in the same soup bucket by his clientele.
  • If we are left with no talents at all except our very existence, we can also use that to a good end. For instance, in the news we see that a WWII Vet (who would be in his 90s) who died crying for help while being laughed at and mocked by the Veterans Administration nurses, had but one talent left while that happened, his very existence. If a Vet is being cared for in whatever way by the VA, you have to know that they have already gone through hell in battle, risking laying down their lives for all. I bet that he was a big enough man to take this final insult, and faced going to his judgment with peace and a forgiving heart.
  • Jesus, who had all the talents in the Universe, being the Creator of all, was commanded to throw away even the talents of his life upon earth. He could speak all languages, convert people to the depth of their souls on the spot, teaching with authority, cure the sick, raise the dead. But the one talent His Father wanted Him to use was his very life upon earth, being stripped of all, tortured to death, standing in our place, the innocent for the guilty, to bring us peace and forgiveness, to have us be on our way to heaven.

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