German Shepherd service dog?

What could a German Shepherd do for me?

Update: I’m pretty much all better by now, still DEAD tired, but, O.K. My question still stands above. ///

Both my hands are swollen to three times normal size. Fingers don’t bend. Turning blue as blood vessels are vicegripped shut by the swelling. White blood cells can bead up on the surface of the stretched skin. Joints can feel as if they are dislocating. The swelling can get in the feet and stomach and intestines and face and throat as well. The latter case is often deadly. It’s hereditary. Ultra super rare. My mom was a Guinea pig at Bethesda Naval hospitals as my dad was Dept of the Navy, USMC. It can last for days or even a week or two. But it’s always there for a lifetime, ready to make the body explode like this. It can come without much reason like being overtired. You feel an ache or see the tiniest bit of swelling and you know exactly what’s going to happen. It’s so quick you can almost watch yourself literally explode. If it’s in the throat even if you make it to an emergency room you’ll likely die as they won’t know what it is, how quick it is, or what to do, giving you stuff like a blood transfusion or epinefrin. That’s for the acquired not the hereditary version. But you can’t explain that with a swollen throat. There’s carcinogenic medicine I take but that doesn’t stop all incidents by a long shot. I’ve been at death’s door dozens of times. Without the medicine I’d be dead almost immediately.


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11 responses to “German Shepherd service dog?


    George: get a medic alert bracelet so medics will know what is going on. I’ve had one for years because of diabetes and other things. They’ve saved lives many times.
    I hope your Thanksgiving was happy and holy!

  2. James Anderson

    You should get a customized medical alert braclet

  3. Michelle

    …? [Yes]

  4. elizdelphi

    i was thinking about your “exploding disease” just recently for no obvious reason. Sorry to hear that it’s back to afflict you again. I also wondered whether Shadow was being raised to be a police dog but the puppy raising people were not competent/responsible about it? Or did the police happen across this situation of people who had a young German Shepherd that was just way too much dog for them?

  5. Michelle

    Father, there is someone trying to train service dogs for this. I think it is basically to alert when it is about to happen so meds can be deployed more quickly. This may or may not help in your case.

  6. rglgeo

    So very sad to learn of your illness. And yet you still sent a posting! Your words are greatly appreciated. Would information from the […] be helpful? (Am guessing.) [Yes, probably] Keeping you and your intentions in mind and prayer that your recovery be rapid and of long duration. [Thanks.]

  7. Father George…I hope the swelling subsides soon. This is worrisome.

    You, along with Fr. MacRae are in my daily prayers.

    Get well soon.

  8. I agree with Tom Cronin (above) GET ONE ! WEAR IT ! I know that I am a nervy old bat – but I’m telling you to DO IT! (I feel like St. Catherine of Siena yelling at Fr. George – but somebody’s gotta do it!)

    On a gentler note, we all love you Father and none of us could bear to have anything terrible happen to you. So now, don’t be a donkey. Take care of yourself. I’m going to say some prayers for you and an emergency chaplet too and offer my Eucharistic service for your healing at mass tomorrow. .

    • Father George David Byers

      I’m getting better. I’ll write about that. Thank you. But being a donkey is a good thing.

  9. Liz

    Prayers, Father. I know I’m a bit late, but God being outside of time and all, I will be praying for this. We do pray for you in our rosaries etc. God bless you!

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