Poor Shadow! [snip-snip] Fake GSD?


There are certain things I would never do to animals… but…

  • I would never clip the beaks of chickens. I haven’t done that. But people do that. There is a reason. A bad reason. A horrible reason. A reason that could be avoided other ways.
  • I would never clip the nails of cats or dogs. And I haven’t. There are reasons. I understand that. But, just, no. There are other ways of taking care of reasons to do those things.
  • I would never neuter a female dog. There are reasons for that. I understand. And however much I protest I did have Laudie-dog “fixed” (how grotesque) when she adopted me at the request of the neighbor who didn’t want a thousand male dogs, mostly pit-bulls, on the property having their way with Laudie-dog.
  • I would never neuter a male dog. And I haven’t. There are reasons. I understand. But I am bringing Shadow-dog, GSD that he is, to get snipped in just a few minutes from now. This is life in the big city of Andrews, where puppy farms abound and GSDs who are not fixed would spend their time jumping the tallest of fences to jump anything in heat, perhaps also getting shot or run over in the process. So, O.K. I hate it. I hate it. I hate it. But, here we are.

I hope this doesn’t mean that Shadow’s going to be a fake GSD…

Are there things you would never do but end up doing anyway?


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7 responses to “Poor Shadow! [snip-snip] Fake GSD?

  1. elizdelphi

    Horse people say, stallions are from mars, mares are from venus, geldings are from heaven. “Brain surgery” they call it. Well trained and well disciplined stallions (i think of the Lipizzaner stallions of Vienna, that aresort of analogously like virtuous horse monks, it seems hardly an accident that this comes from a Catholic culture) are magnificent. Many are the stallions that live a sad life locked up by themselves in a stall rather than out in a pasture with other horses, and often stallions cannot be as safely ridden in company or handled or ridden by less experienced and savvy or less confident people. I recall one girl with a lovely appaloosa stallion who was practically never let out of his stall nor practically anything done with him because the teenage girl owner was afraid to handle him and her dad was ideologically against having him castrated. If the horse isn’t being kept entire for breeding purposes, it is considered kind to the horse to geld it. They are not people. I don’t know about dogs but I don’t think you are making the mistake of Origen.

  2. nancyv

    Yes, Father, there are things I would never do but end up doing anyway…like missing Mass because I didn’t want to “inconvenience” my non-Catholic friends with whom I was staying with. Taking God’s holy name in vain in anger and frustration, etc…
    Clipping Shadow is not a sin. Rest well tonight and hope you are feeling better! …and that beautiful Shadow will be just fine.

  3. Think of it this way, Fr. George, you are actually protecting Shadow. My uncle who lived in New Jersey ( many years ago) couldn’t bear to have his dog neutered.

    As a result they were also looking for their dog when he ran inevitably ran away, across major highways etc when female dogs were in heat. Very stressful for them and dangerous for the dog. Not only that they had to adopt 2 puppies of ONE of the litters their dog sired.

    I thank your readers for recommending the Monk of Skete’s books. I ordered them and have already read them. The monks recommend neuteuring the dogs unless the dogs are meant to be used in an authentic pedigreed breeding program.

    I think Shadow will not be any less a GSD, but once trained will bring both you and Laudie-Dog joy and companionship…and that for himself too.

    You mustn’t like my uncle did, attritbute human feelings to dogs. The monks caution against this.

    Hope the swelling in your hands/body has receded.

  4. Yes, there are a lot of times when I had to compromise with the ‘way things are’ and they way they should be. Voting to bar someone from membership in an organization because of the ‘grapevine’ threats made against the person. People didn’t like this person and muttered how they would ‘take care’ of the situation if necessary. I know the person in question was clueless about the undercurrent hostility and publicly embarrassed – but it would have been worse. It was a long time ago – but I still wish there had been a better solution.

  5. No one said that stewardship was easy. It speaks well of you, Father, that you are bothered by this. 1 Timothy 5:18. The mention of “ox” points to a truth.

  6. To answer your question: Refusing to hold a child’s hand was so very sad for me. It was because of the atmos-“fear” created by the Dallas charter which trickled down to the Parish I serve, which put into place, the current guidelines of accepted behavior around children. I can see the reasons.

  7. Charlene

    Be sure to give Shadow some extra treats to make him feel better. Thanks!

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