Road danger. Total respect for our State Patrol and Highway workers. Craziness.

On the way back from dropping off Shadow to get “fixed,” while on the steep mile-long downhill of a straight-away on Highway 74 just north-east of Andrews, a damsel in distress needed help, her SUV parked, out of gas, fully half-way onto the north-east lane of the highway.  The four lane highway at this point is just two lanes. The near head-on collisions were pretty continuous as traffic tried to go around her. A tractor-trailer just plowed right up the opposing lane of traffic around her parked vehicle regardless of oncoming traffic, so that oncoming traffic had to fly into the ditch. Craziness. Total insanity. People just don’t care. A lot of people could have died right then and there.

I had already turned around and was parked on the highway behind her so she wouldn’t get hit. I had put my emergency blinkers on and jumped out to direct traffic, slime-green emergency vest at the ready, of course. One car almost hit me, it seems on purpose, I guess angry that I was stopping him from getting in an accident. Phone in hand I called the dispatch, asking for a blue-light until the vehicle could be removed (the ditches being straight down some fifteen feet at that point. No one came. One Patrol per three counties. Busy on another call.

Meanwhile, the damsel in distress was frantic, saying the car wasn’t even hers. A boyfriend, it seems, appeared and grabbed her and away they sped in his red truck, saying they were getting gas, but leaving all gas stations behind in the opposite direction. I called it in again, saying I was thinking the car was stolen and the perps just ran away., giving the licence tag. They never reappeared as far as I know. The car had a handicapped tag, but the girl, terribly dirty, druggy looking (sorry), was not in any way handicapped at her 20-something age, running around the way she was.

Lots of near head-on collisions. Some nice people, but many really angry for having had to slow down for a few seconds. I called it in again, saying this situation was totally crazy and I really needed help as someone was bound to get hurt bad really soon. Finally, a State Patrol showed up. He thanked me profusely, apologizing for the delay. We had a great chat, actually, and we reviewed the scene. He then sent me on my way, saying he was going to get the vehicle towed.

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  1. Thorfinn

    Every time I drive in the North Carolina mountains, cars riding my bumper in their race to the bottom, I think of you and consider that maybe that area should have stuck with mules — with helicopters for the donkey priests.

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