Road to recovery: giving it 20% extra


Northern part of the parish the other day in these Great Smoky Mountains of Nantahala fame along the Appalachian Trail. How many ridges can you count into the horizon? You are looking to civilization. You are looking from the most remote periphery.

I’ve been pretty sick the past week and a half. I’m much better, thank you. I know many of you have offered up a prayer. Thank you. The energy levels are now up to about 50%.

Meanwhile, Shadow-dog didn’t need any recovery at all after getting snipped yesterday. And for the first time, he spent the night in his wire-see-through-crate inside the rectory. He was totally content, happy to have a quiet space he can call his own and in which he knows that he’s not being called upon to do any job other than just to take a breather. He totally gets that, and I’m really happy about that. I mean, it’s more like he’s asking why it took me so long. GSDs really like their crates, which actually speaks to their still being more wolf than anything domestic. They’re in their forest dug-outs. And that means that the town doesn’t have to listen to his opinions on all and sundry all night long. He’s usually pretty quiet, but any prowlers get a pretty stern lecture from him, as do other dogs that think they’re tough. They’re pretty loud until they meet Shadow.

Meanwhile, it’s been a while since I’ve been able to kill any paper bottles of my combined QIT-97/99 for the FAM-TPC of pre-2001 fame. Perhaps today. I’ve only been through it once, and only got 96 points. Perhaps I can bring that up today. But maybe not. Either way, it’s also good to practice when being under the weather a bit, as when whatever hits the fan one isn’t necessarily in 100% mode. Even if I’m only at 50% right now, I’m thinking that giving it another 20% will do me just fine, putting the rest I’ve had the past few days of mending to good use. Maybe that will bring me up to 100%. That’s how I do math.

Meanwhile, the road to recovery will involve some hundreds of miles, seeing a few friends, doing a few errands, and ending the day, as plans are anyway, with a number of priests for a good meal.

Meanwhile, Mother L, spiritual mother of mine, is still recovering from many things, and has reprimanded me for not yet doing up two projects. I responded by saying that one is certainly the popular version of the thesis on Genesis in honor of the Immaculate Conception, but was clueless as to what they other might be. Her miffed response was that I have neglected my autobiography. Oh, yes, I forgot about that. I’ll know more about that within a couple of weeks methinks. But if anything, while there would be shell of my life in that autobiography, it would truly be about Jesus, my Redeemer, my Savior, who has befriended me, made me his priest, and who even uses the likes of me on occasion. Any autobiography would be an exercise in irony. But there is also the “Dog-Woman” to write about, and a thorough revision of “Jackass for the Hour.” But with all of this, one wonders what will be asked of the Missionaries of Mercy in 2018, as we are required to appear before the Holy Father. He might ask something that might involve 1020% of energy to be utilized. We shall see.


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2 responses to “Road to recovery: giving it 20% extra

  1. Mother L. is right. You’ve been teasing us for a long time. If, you are as unworthy (we all are) as you say – that is even more reason to write. We could all use encouragement. No? Imagine all the amazed thoughts rushing through everybody’s heads? “Wow, look what Jesus really can do!” “I know He is God, but Wow!”

    I’m going to rosary club today. I’ll put you on our prayer chain. May the love of the BVM comfort and strengthen you today (and always).

  2. sanfelipe007

    I pains me to say that since your time is precious and finite, I would understand that fulfilling your projects would mean side-lining posts to this blog. But you could keep us updated as to your progress.

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