Lane splitting and brake checking: So, what’s the cure to hopelessness? Jesus!

lane splitting

Quiet mountain villages are not so quiet anymore. Sure, this is where Thunder Road was filmed, but I’ve never seen the level of dangerous driving here that I’ve seen in the last few days. The example of lane splitting above, I’m guessing at about 80 miles an hour, almost took out two other vehicles.

ford ranger

Something more or less like this.

But that’s nothing compared to a deep but very bright metallic blue pickup on Highway 40 the other day. He almost clipped my front bumper passing me on the right. He seemed to hesitate as to whether he should brake check me for the offense of being on the highway at the same time as him, but he sped up again, perhaps well over a 100 miles an hour, almost ramming into the back of an SUV, perhaps pushing that vehicle to make it go faster. As soon as that SUV passed a tractor trailer, switching lanes in front of the tractor trailer, the bright blue pickup passed him and violently pulled in front of him and slammed on his brakes. You can imagine the ensuing chaos. See the picture below. The brake lights are those of the SUV. The pickup is right in front of the SUV (you’re seeing the reflection of the SUV headlights on the back bed of the pickup). I imagine the trucker got some good video.

brake checking

This isn’t road rage as no one else was doing anything wrong. I don’t even think it’s people full of self-importance, who make adrenaline their god, with everyone else paying the price for such idiocy. Instead, I think it’s driving while on some pretty strong drugs.

No one is hopeless, but trying to reason with anyone controlled by the drugs they take is a hopeless cause. Druggies consider themselves to be hopeless while taking drugs. Hopelessness is a licence to kill. But, here’s the deal, they are also feeling terribly hopeless before they choose once again to take drugs, throwing themselves into such uncontrollable behavior. But that’s the only time to a hold of their souls, making them understand that there is hope for them. Giving them a way out of hopelessness is key.

Prison ministry? Of course, hopeless people are just absolutely FULL to overflowing with mind games, with a seemingly infinite number of rationalizations and fears and peer pressures and escapes from reality at the ready, making sport of those who would chisel away at their cynicism and despair. What to do?

Rehabs which don’t answer the big questions in life, which cannot or will not speak of Jesus can only be accidentally and only very occasionally successful. The only way to crash into the midst of someone’s life and brake check them for the good is Jesus.

The Indian government once asked Mother Teresa of Calcutta if she could take on the training of government social workers, as those social workers were utterly useless to society, but, they said, Mother’s sisters, the Missionaries of Charity, were doing a most spectacular job. Her response, of course, was that she had never done social work, but only manifested the love of Jesus for all, His respect, His goodness and kindness. That’s what makes the difference. She said she would train the social workers, but under condition that she could speak to them about Jesus. The government, of course, refused.

But Jesus is the One. He’s the only One. It’s all about Jesus. All else is violence and a waste of time. We want Jesus!

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One response to “Lane splitting and brake checking: So, what’s the cure to hopelessness? Jesus!

  1. elizdelphi

    Catholic Charities here won the bid to run the homeless day center for the county. But so far there is no religious content offered. The protestant lady hired by Catholic Charities as director wants for there to be, but has not yet figured out how to navigate that. So far it’s just one more Catholic Charities program that, in the words of a local priest years ago about CC in general, “has just two things wrong with it, it’s not Catholic and it’s not charity.”

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