Sharing the road with druggies. Or not.

ditch driving

You never know what you’re going to meet on the road, or not on the road, while on Communion calls to the shut-ins on the tops of the back ridges of this Appalachian wilderness. A good sense of situational awareness is important.

I was keeping an eye on this fellow as he was closing the distance mighty fast. And then he decided to drive in the ditch. He almost rolled the car overcompensating but then soon stabilized, spraying dirt round about and creating a cloud of dust, and then he sped up again and got on my back bumper. After another couple of miles he suddenly peeled off among some recycling dumpsters at the side of the road.

I can’t imagine such a very exciting trip was to drop off a little bag of recycling (the car being really very tiny). I’m guessing he was going dumpster diving for drugs, perhaps after hearing that someone had just been doing their recycling, someone who always throws away any extra prescription pain killers.

This is one of the worst areas in these USA for abuse of opioids. There’s a real crackdown on the doctors in the area who have been prescribing opioids for anything and everything or nothing at all. People are hooked. The supply is running dry. They are getting desperate. It’s pretty bad.

People have zero sense of identity. They are defined by their drugs. People need Jesus.


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2 responses to “Sharing the road with druggies. Or not.

  1. be careful out there Father!!

  2. Liz

    So so sad, Father. I will offer my rosary, and pray at mass today for these people and also in our St. Andrew novena while we are at it. Wow. Stay safe, Father. As usual, I’m so glad that you have such a fantastic guardian angel. Yikes!

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