Road-danger, Angel of God, BATFE, Shadow-dog, clericalism at its best

head on missed

Yesterday’s trip started off with a would-have-been head-on-collision had I not been paying attention. I was coming around a sharp blind curve with a double-yellow and some joker had just blown another car off the road and decided to drive into oncoming traffic. I slammed on the brakes and watched as he was just able to get back to his side of the road. My reaction? I mean, after the first second or two? ;-) Angel of God my guardian dear…

The 400 some mile trip was successful. Lunch with the Abbot, a LOOONG talk with the bishop, as always, as I come from so far away, and catching up with very many other priests. We have the best bishop in the world (sorry Pope Francis). He puts on an Advent meal out of his own pocket every year for the priests. I’m sure my guardian angel conspired to make all of this go along very well as well.

I have to say that a number of priests were mightily interested in Shadow-dog, and demanded more posts on Shadow-dog. I think that’s a good idea. One priest, however, shared his opinion that dogs are most inappropriate for priests as they “hold the priest back from doing what he needs to do.” I guess I just don’t feel that way. It’s never stopped me from rushing to hospitals day or night, or going on long excursions, or trips, say, to Rome. The neighbors are happy to look after the dogs and they do anyway, so who am I to judge? And… and… the way I look at it, Shadow-dog is security. Times are changing, also here. Even BATFE is making its presence felt in my little neighborhood. Imagine that. I’m sure they’re happy to have Shadow-dog around as well.


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5 responses to “Road-danger, Angel of God, BATFE, Shadow-dog, clericalism at its best

  1. nancyv

    oh, I was going to be snarky, but every one can certainly opine, so I will shush. Shadow & Laudie dog just need a cat to keep them happy. ha

  2. Paul

    The priest who feels that dogs are inappropriate has most likely never experienced the unconditional love that they offer. There’s a reason dog spelled backwards represents unconditional love. No questions asked. God Blessed You with Shawdow for some reason, possibly to add a little security at night so that you could get some sleep or maybe a new challenge in your life. Even if he just gets you out to get some exercise in between communion calls it’s worth it. Remember the bigger the pile, the bigger the security system. Always leave a light on and a fresh on in the front yard. Get some rest. See ya Friday.

  3. elizdelphi

    It is delightful to hear of your time with the bishop and brother priests. I did not catch what Abbot this is.

  4. I have known many priests who had dogs. Didn’t affect their ministry negatively at all….in fact had many positive results.

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