Earthquakes and fires in Andrews

This was yesterday while catching up on the local news after a long day chasing about the parish. Don’t try this at home. It won’t go well. For this occasion there were plenty of public safety resources at hand. We have a great volunteer fire department. I was happy to have been invited up to the fire house the other day to give the blessing at the Advent meal. The 2nd in command makes the best “turtles” you’ve ever had in your life.

Meanwhile, on catching up with the news, I found out some of the town happenings, quite the earthquake, really. Our new mayor and alderman were just sworn in and they immediately fired many at town hall and fired the chief of police. I wish all the circumstances that went into all of that just never took place. Our chief was a really nice guy and wanted the best for all.

So, draw the analogy. Life goes on. There’s really fun stuff that goes on. Good friendships. Peace. Joy. Service of one’s neighbor. Really good. And then, because of our fallen human condition, there’s also drama, drama, drama. And all of that could go forward for the best for all, with even those taken out having doors in life opened to them that they never imagined. Or it could go pretty sour, and the very town could be at risk. Is not this also our life in the Church? There are really good things for which we should be thankful. Good times. Good friendships. There are also dramas galore. We should just never forget that in the midst of all things, Jesus is the One; He’s the only One. And that makes for good hope, which permits faith to be put into action in charity with enthusiasm. Jesus is the One, the only One.

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