Processions and Road Danger


The route of the Guadalupe procession has passed by the rectory since before it was the rectory. In this picture you can see the police bluelighting the procession (second car).

Although we had arranged for the bluelighting long before the procession, and we do this every year, and the police are super-willing to do this for us, somewhere, somehow, the request got lost in the bureaucracy and I had to call 911 in the midst of an altercation that threatened to turn into a major crime scene. Our True Blue arrived pretty quickly after that, all apologetic that they hadn’t known earlier.

And then there was a second incident. A particular vehicle with an elderly couple drove by, looking pretty perturbed by the procession, but drove on. But then the same vehicle, this time with the middle-aged son, came back. He looked terribly frustrated at seeing the blue lighting. Ha ha. Those blue lights have a great calming effect! Anyway, we all arrived safe and sound.


We then blessed the shrine and had the second Mass of the day. The first was at 6:00 AM after las Mañanitas at 5:00 AM. We didn’t place the new statue in the shrine yet as there is still a bit of work to do on it.


But there were even more flowers in Church for Mary:



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2 responses to “Processions and Road Danger

  1. So beautiful – thank you for these lovely pictures of the procession and of Our Lady and her flowers.

  2. elizdelphi

    I love it. But it’s strange about people getting upset about the procession. I just noticed there is one Knight of Columbus in new uniform and one in old uniform! At our church there was a surprising lack of the usual immense balloon arrangements, blinking lights (yes BLINKING) and garlands of paper flags strung right across the church, I had to wonder if the bishop who always sits in choir at the principle OLG Mass commented last year that did not seem suitably dignified to him. But there are not real refined liturgical sensibilities in this community. It still has to be joyfully absurd and over the top taking over of the church some way or other and this year it was 1 1/2′ diameter “Castillian roses” sprouting hilariously from the gradines on either side of the tabernacle on thick 4 or 5 foot tall stalks, together with more of those huge un-rose-like roses on the side altar with the OLG statue together with fake agave, lecheguilla, prickly pear cactus, etc, and the usual vast amount of real flowers. It is an exuberant childlike homage.

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