Homily 2017 12 15 – The darkening eye


I knew it was only a matter of time. An internet bully in London/Sheffield has been wanting me to hate Pope Francis as much as he does, he claiming that he has the righteousness of the scribes and Pharisees, you know, with “reason” and all that.

Yet, I agree with Pope Francis that “reason” without love is quite diabolical, and brings you to the reasoning of the bully boys in the market who would have you dance or mourn, whatever they want because they want it, which is most reasonable to them.

But unless your righteousness surpasses that of the scribes and Pharisees in all of their self-righteous reasoning, you will NOT enter the Kingdom of Heaven. Some serious words, those. The scribes and Pharisees can do no wrong, ever, for if they did, they would not know where to turn to forgiveness, except of course to themselves. So, they always have excuses for themselves, you know, loopholes.

And this is where the corruption spoken of by Pope Francis comes in. They find all sorts of loopholes that allow them, they think, to hate their brother, never encourage their brother, never forgive their brother, never have mercy on their brother. For them, mercy is diabolical. It forgives people who, like, you know, sinned! And that’s just not right! They should all rot in hell those damned sinners! Thank God we are not like the rest of men! All exclamation points because they cannot, will not listen to the fact that God is both truth and love, that it is not a sin to love others into the truth, by the truth, with the truth, for the truth.

The bully even thinks that I am perhaps Lutheran, you know, like Pope Francis. I wonder if he is the author of this picture (his editing):


Well, I mean, you know, my grandmother on my dad’s side was Lutheran. I’m sure that explains it all, though I never met her. Anyway, I’m Jewish. :-)

Anyway, you might want to listen to the homily.

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  1. JP2, B-16, and PF1 all had something important to say. Who am I to argue with the Pope!

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