Stop! Look! Mountains to climb!


Traffic lights stopped me dead after returning to Andrews from Airport Road looking for furniture for an elderly lady who just moved to Andrews from out of state and is dirt, dirt, dirt poor. So, there I was, just sitting there, and sitting there, and sitting there. It’s a long light. And then I saw them like I’ve never seen them before. Being in Andrews is like being in a small mountain town in Colorado. I had to take a picture.

I met a really old guy, you know, older than me, in the supermarket parking lot the other day, who, in pointing to those very mountains, said that he was going up in a few days to do some trail hacking, that is, for the Forest Service, that is, making the trails more passable for crippley old people like me, much younger than him. He was older than me by a good ten years.

I’m thinking that I’m out of shape, and let getting hit by a bus some decades ago over in Rome be a good excuse for me to let myself get out of shape. Perhaps I’ve been feeling sorry for myself. Perhaps I’ve been sucking in all the consoling words of those who saw me in a wheel chair for the longest time, and then, forever it seems, on crutches. That’s not good for the body or the spirit. Perhaps in my own small way I could learn from the Navy Seal guy who was pretty badly hurt but wrote this sign to put on his hospital door:


An old codger, full bird, the Shadow of all Shadows Gray Man, a good friend, told me that any hero we might look up to is NOT just to be looked up to, for that misses the point altogether. A hero is someone you strive to be like.

Going to the “absolute utmost” and then going 20% beyond that. I like that. Perhaps I’ll give it a try. Can you hear my reluctance. Gotta get over that. I should go back on my diet. I lost 20 pounds in a  few months and then plateaued out as people do. Then gained about five pounds and stayed there for about a year. Time to start down again. I could stand to lose about 55 pounds. I’ve given up on the BMI thing as it was made for only one body type and not like mine. According to that I should lose about 100 pounds and be as thin as a toothpick. Not going there. At least I don’t drink at all and don’t smoke at all and try to stay away from sweets. I gotta tell the Church ladies I’m going back on a diet.

Oh, and the spiritual analogy? A mountain to climb? And it’s getting dark out? The spiritual analogy is easy, right?

“I bore you up on eagle wings and brought you here to myself” (Exodus 19:4).


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7 responses to “Stop! Look! Mountains to climb!

  1. elizdelphi

    Re: mountain to climb, my spiritual life book study group fell on St John of the Cross Day so my special MOUNT CARMEL COOKIES were expected by my friends and a necessity. Everyone who tries them loves St John of the Cross and his theology! The theological explanation of the cookies, which I came up with while I happened to bake them one time for St John of the Cross’ day about 9 years ago, below the recipe. This was something my mother made when I was a child, at that time they were called “snowballs”.

    2 sticks of butter creamed together with
    3/5 cup sugar and
    1 or 2 tablespoons of Sherry cooking wine, then mix in
    2 c flour and
    1 c ground pecans, make a dough and refrigerate it well. Peel
    ~30 Hershey kisses, I like to use partly regular ones and partly Special Dark.
    Wrap the dough around the kisses to make ~1″ balls and space them out on a cookie sheet. It’s a good idea to put the whole pan in the fridge or in the cold weather outside to chill again firm before baking, and in the meantime heat the oven to 350.
    Bake for about 12 minutes till just heated through, your actual baking time may vary. Let the cookies sit on the cookie sheet for at least a couple minutes or else they will break apart. While still warm roll each cookie in an ample amount
    (2 cups?) confectioner’s sugar and set them on a rack to finish cooling.

    I explain them thus: they are very ascetical pecan cookies (the nuts being like rocks in the mountain) covered with the pure snow of God’s grace, with mystical chocolate hearts, and some of them are Dark Night of the Soul cookies made with dark chocolate kisses. I have made many devotees of St John of the Cross with these cookies. He’s not so scary in cookie format.

    I wish I could share them for real on this blog. What am I saying, you are talking about losing weight and getting the Church ladies to lay off! Also Fr George is not the one who needs to be won over to St John of the Cross.

  2. elizdelphi

    Maybe this is obvious, but let the butter soften to room temp before making the dough, and the sugar is 3/4 cup, I had a typo.

    I really like cookies, but now I get more enjoyment out of the hilariousness of explaining St John of the Cross (my favorite saint) with them. The great thing about that is that I WANT to share them not just eat them all myself.

  3. Charlene

    Don’t make thiose cookies, Father George! You’ll have 65 lbs. to lose instead of 55! Don’t do it!

  4. I have had the cookies of which elizdelphi writes. I herewith affirm their deliciousness!

  5. Sounds delicious. Just imagine, if we can come up with things like this in this sinful, mean spirited world – just imagine what Abba has in store for us in heaven – ‘eye has not seen and ear has not heard…’ I wonder if that includes tongue has not tasted? (and no worry about calories – right?)

    So Happy Latare Sunday!
    Seriously back in the day, when we were kids Laetare Sunday was a celebration day – a pleasant break from the austere advent fasting.

  6. Father George is probably too young to remember those Pre Vatican II days.

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