To the internet bully guy

  1. I don’t let your comments through the moderation queue, so, don’t worry. No one has seen them but me. I happen not to believe a word you’ve said about yourself, not your gender, not your age, not your politics, not your ecclesial persuasion, not your motive. I think you mentioned your last name, though as someone supposedly not yourself, bless you. Maybe I’m mistaken. That’s just me being evil and bad. It is what it is.
  2. I’m sure you’ve been scandalized by the hate-mongers who claim to be on the side of right, but are only those who demand that people hate as much as they do. It gives them street cred. They have many followers because of hate-cred. They have much to say that is reasonable, but the hate ruins it. There’s no reason to take up their hate and run with it. I regret that for you. You can love your enemies and pray for them. Those are, in fact, commands of Jesus. That doesn’t make anyone a sycophant of anyone. Jesus is not from hell.
  3. Take it down a notch. Despite what I said in number 1 above, there may well be people following your comments who have access to the moderation queue of this blog and have seen all of your comments. There are many, particularly in North East Virginia. For instance, the nano-second I took down a post in your regard is the nano-second in which that was post was brought up again on a screen there. There are certain things I can see in the background of the blog. I can’t do anything about interest in my blog by certain sectors of people who can do certain things with computers, and indeed, I’ve invited that to be the case many times. The reason is not you. Instead, there are people of interest who announce themselves in comments, even terrorists or those who fund them, facilitate them, particularly when I start writing things that bait them so as to bring them out of hiding. I have a knack for that, the baiting thing that is. It is what it is. If you don’t want what you write to be seen by anyone, don’t write it. But I won’t publish it for the normal populace.
  4. You can respond to all this with a comment. Don’t worry, I won’t publish it. But just know that others can see it because, well, that’s their job. And I like it. I am beholden to them for many reasons, frequently. ;-)

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