Day off: Jesus, baiting baiters, guns, FBI

FBI Hogans Alley
JESUS. The day started like any day anyone might have trying to convince someone that Jesus is the One, the only One. The seeds of that conversation have yet to take hold. Saint Luke recounts Jesus Himself saying in a parable using the voice of Abraham that for those who do not believe, nothing will change their minds including someone rising from the dead.

Some people, like the Roman soldier on Calvary, will not see their cynicism melt away until they have done their absolute worst. For the soldier that was mashing his sword around in the Heart of Jesus, you know, to make sure He was dead, it was only after that, having realized he had done his absolute worst even while Jesus the whole time had been forgiving, that the soldier finally said, “Truly this was the Son of God.”

I gotta say though, the internet bully guy that I’ve been dealing with recently was really good at his attempts at baiting, perhaps not realizing, however, that he was being baited to show him what he was doing. He finally declared that he might give up, tired of baiting while being baited and revealing waaaaayyy toooo much about himself unwittingly. Baiting baiters can be fun. It throws people off course and turns the tables and makes them react in ways that, hey, you could build a profile of them. If that sounds mean or counterproductive or mean, you have to know that Jesus did this all the time with those attempting to bait Him, even baiting them to bait Him so that He could show them how incredibly stupid their baiting was. Monday’s Gospel is a great example of this. Listen to that homily: Homily 2017 12 18 – No need to ask. Of course, doing that kind of thing with certain people can easily bring out violence. You know what happened to our Lord Jesus. But, but… Maybe He would win their souls like that of the Roman soldier mentioned above. That’s the point. It’s not nice. But it is charitable.

A weird thing about the internet bully guy is that the one and only thing he was happy with in my entire life as a priest was the fact that I have a CC permit. He also wanted me to get a pilot’s licence, I guess in honor of my dad. But if he could arrange a ride for me in a checkerboard squadron jet down at Merritt, that would suffice. ;-) Other than that, his (make-pretend) cynicism reminded me of a show an air marshal put on for me a while back on a trip from Paris to JFK. The internet bully guy admitted he had spent a great deal of time researching me to see what he thought would press my buttons so as to get a reaction. That’s not a troll. That’s a study. And that’s something else altogether. I hope he learned something about baiting and about Jesus. Probably not much about me. Really interesting about the CC permit though.

GUNS. Speaking of guns, at the hermitage, given time contraints, I was able to shoot just once through the old FAM-TPC (pre-2001). I haven’t practiced for weeks and so, yikes, I only got 70% and possibly went over the time on two stages. I say possibly because the el-cheapo shot timer I have doesn’t get more precise than 10ths of seconds instead of 100ths of seconds. Rounding the time limit down was the thing to do. The old FAM-TPC (pre-2001) is hilariously fun for me and, therefore, good for a day off.

It’s good to get at least some positive feedback with this kind of tool familiarity, so the FBI qualification was set up and, as expected, the score went up to 95%. My knees are better so the last stage was done the right way. However, 25 yards dropping to one knee from cover is still a challenge. The only reason one would use a pistol at such distances is because a rifle is not immediately available in an urgent critical incident.

Speaking of rifles, a friend’s AR-15 was then loaded up and aim was taken at a three inch square at 30 yards using only the iron sights. I’ll have to get some instruction somewhere on how to use those the right way for whatever distances so that I would know how to dial those in and get 10-X first time every time. Saying that you know just how much of a novice I am with rifles. But now I know the difference between a pistol and a rifle. Getting a result of a tiny group is kinda nice. I only shot like 15 bullets (5.56×45). That was enough to let me know what to research before the next attempt. I was surprised that the hole of the bullet was incredibly tiny compared to the 9mm. What makes the AR round so much more powerful (especially the M855A1) is that it goes so very much faster. I never expect to actually own a rifle or even shotgun, but that’s what I said about the Glock. At any rate, what do have to do with law enforcement anyway?

FBI. Speaking of law enforcement, and having driven into town way down the mountain to do some errands and have a wonderful home-cooked dinner with friends, I called a yet another friend about a certain FBI guy before heading inside. I was wondering why I hadn’t heard back from the FBI guy for some weeks about a certain matter. I was told that before doing anything about anything, thorough checks were made with multiple and disparate investigations regarding yours truly, and that I had passed with flying colors, and was free to go ahead and get in touch with the FBI guy again. I gotta wonder about the internet bully guy. Nothing is as it seems, ever. ;-)

I told my friend that I found my passing with flying colors to be quite revealing, seeing that I had another and different case in with the FBI involving a bureau of Main State of the Department of State and, connected with that, Counterterrorism over at Tysons (Corner) / (West) McLean. He said the case hadn’t been tossed. He said that it was delayed a bit by all of hell broken out with the FBI in D.C. Hah! If they only knew. What happened at Main State, told directly to me, is a 1000 times more far reaching than anything going on with the FBI in D.C. right now.

At any rate, in talking with the FBI guy for what seemed like well over an hour for the third time and getting much good advice, there was an offer made that he would contact another FBI guy half way across the country on my behalf. That’s happening now. Knowing who that guy is and what he headed up nationwide for the Bureau, I said, “Oh! Drop this name to him: […]. He’ll know who that is and will wonder why I came up with that name.” That could go places about another matter altogether which is terribly important for the Church. We’ll see. The angels arrange this kind of thing.

/// All this made for a great day off. And then there was a great meal with friends. And then a very enjoyable drive back to the parish.

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