Absolute best Christmas crib

Sent in by a reader. The video will scan over the crib I’m talking about a number of times. Here’s the scene I would like to comment about. It’s obviously just before Christmas, so baby Jesus isn’t in the crib yet.

Christmas Crib

Notice the crib is made up of the words about the Word of God Incarnate, the Sacred Scriptures. Brilliant. Absolutely brilliant. The donkey is looking on. The sheep are eating the words about the Word. I love it.

This reminds of when bishops are ordained (or whatever word one would like to use for the fullness of the sacrament of Holy Orders). A very large book of the Scriptures is held open, but upside-down, over the kneeling bishop to be, as if the Holy Spirit were pouring all the words about the Word Incarnate into the soul of the candidate. The first time I saw this I was terribly, terribly, terribly impressed.

This is just wonderful altogether. I wonder if this was idea of the late Cardinal Jean-Marie Lustiger. I was making arrangements to meet him after I had arrived in Lourdes on June 24 2007, but he died that August before I could make the trip up North.


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5 responses to “Absolute best Christmas crib

  1. Claire Dion

    That is beautiful

  2. Charlene

    This is absolutely exquisite! Thanks for sharing with us, Father George!
    Hugs to Laurie-Dog and Shadow-Dog!

  3. James Anderson

    A definite improvement over the one at the Vatican this year.

  4. I’m so moved by this – thank you, thank you Father George – a wonderful Christmas gift!

  5. nancy v

    On this 3rd day of Christmas my True love gave to me…
    Father, I keep coming back to this magnificent manger scene. ..

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