The upper paw: fighting the right way


Whenever I arrive home Laudie-dog and Shadow-dog have to put on a very dramatic, very loud show of attacks and growls. Shadow-dog covers his teeth completely at all times, even while Laudie-dog half-bares her teeth. There is a disparity of force with Shadow-dog about three times the size and weight of Laudie-dog, who does, by the way, get the upper paw:


Personally, I wouldn’t want to go up against either. And if there was any untoward aggression from some weirdness, they would, I’m quite certain, team up together to take on the threat head-on. Yikes!

And while this is all simply play-fighting, and shows people in our fallen human nature where we are to draw the line with violence, the stronger having respect for the weaker but nevertheless engaging them to encourage them, we often fail to take such a good example, and instead do that which needs a reprimand, even severe. But this also helps one another to get on our way, please God, to heaven.


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3 responses to “The upper paw: fighting the right way

  1. Growing up, we had a dog, cat, horse, chickens. When we came home from school (both father and mother were teachers), so we all came back in the same car, the dog who up to then had been sitting peacefully with the cat and horse (they were all pals), then put on a big show barking at them in a frenzy… either to say to them ‘they are here, they are here’, or to say to us,”I’m keeping them in line- I’ve got this”.

    We use to let the horse wander free in the yard…so the three of them usually used to hang out together.

    I wonder if Laudie-dog and Shadow-dog are doing the same thing. ….good actors if that is the case.

  2. omg speaking of dogs: my son has a Weimariner, as a puppy he was just so darn cute, no matter what he did. Now,he is only a few months old and he is HUGE!!!! They have another dog who is a Brown lab and Is older. Poor thing the big W. who is named Blue just will not let Bailey alone, then when my little mix Taco dog comes it is like the zoo.
    We, family have to watch out because Blue flies thru the rooms at breakneck speed. Everything in his way goes sprawling all over, that includes the kids!.
    But it is all love between the dogs and the family. Pure love, it drives them to show each other and us humans just how much.
    If only humans could take a lesson from dogs……

  3. Animals really can teach us a lot.

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