Fr Gordon MacRae my spiritual director Blogging continues; it’s his fault.


Yesterday was the anniversary of my priestly ordination. Always a happy occasion for me. But also a chance to reevaluate. I figured I should take a wee break from blogging so as to reorganize, so as to push the reset button, something like shaking one’s legs out at a starting line just before a sprint, just before entrenching yet again on the starting blocks and then bursting forth.

Within a few hours of my putting up a post that I was taking a break from blogging Father Gordon MacRae (About) gave me a call as he does very frequently. He started a discussion about blogging as he’s writing a post for These Stone Walls which I’ll be editing for him next week. I told him what I was up to, but then he convinced me not to take any break at all. He even encouraged me about my rather sharp sense of irony and sometimes “scorched earth” writing as he calls it. Some time ago I asked Father Gordon to be my spiritual director and so, O.K., I’ll keep on writing. I am reminded of a certain race in which a father burst out on to the race track to help his son. Goodness. This video is disallowed by the International Olympic Committee from WordPress as they want to get advertising. Just click the “watch on youtube” link. If an add pops up before the video, just click “skip” in the lower right of the video box. It’s truly worth it. Draw the analogy.

Priests with a common bond in the High Priest, Christ Jesus, encourage each other. Thanks Father Gordon.

Arise! Let us be going!


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10 responses to “Fr Gordon MacRae my spiritual director Blogging continues; it’s his fault.

  1. Beautiful! “………my only aim is to finish the race and complete the task the Lord Jesus has given me—……”

  2. nancyv

    Another reason to pray for Fr. Gordon AND to thank God for him!

    Shoot Father, I thought you were just going to Florida for some time off (ha) or take Shadow dog for more training.
    Happy Anniversary and I pray for you and all holy priests to love Jesus as Mary does. Deo gratias.

  3. Claire Dion

    That was awesome. Thank you for sharing. How blessed you are to have Fr. G as Your spiritual director. I am still looking for someone who believes in the truths of the Catholic Church and will faithfully lead me to Christ. It is not easy. Hugs to you Fr. George and Happy Priestly Anniversary.

  4. MaryJean Diemer

    Happy Anniversary! Yes, we need you doing your thing for us!

  5. pelerin

    Happy Anniversary Father! And thanks to Fr Gordon for making you continue blogging!

  6. sanfelipe007

    Happy anniversary!

  7. elizdelphi

    I am appreciative to Fr Gordon. Surely you’re entitled to a desert day or annual retreat here and there and take a break from such things as blogging. But I don’t see what would be the point of leaving us for a longer stretch.

    I will pray that Fr Gordon will have all needed grace and wisdom from God for his role as your spiritual director. My spiritual director is a real gift from God.

  8. Monica Harris

    Well, Father Macrae already announced a Year of Grace, so perhaps he figures you better get cracking, Father Byers. “Motus in fine velocior” etc.
    A very happy anniversary to you, congratulations, and thank you for your Priesthood.

  9. Happy anniversary Fr. Byers!

  10. sanfelipe007

    ” He even encouraged me about my rather sharp sense of irony and sometimes ‘scorched earth’ writing as he calls it.”

    “Scorched earth.” I think Father G nailed it.

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