Christmas Crib

Gold: For charitable governance. Earthly politicians might just keep it. Note the palace of Herod. But note that the King of kings and Lord of lords is born in a cave with a donkey to protect Him.

Frankincense:  For the priest who sanctifies the prayers of the humble and contrite of heart and offers them up to the Most High through, with an in Himself, for it is He who offers Himself as the Sacrifice, He is also the altar.

Myrrh: For the prophet. This is to pack the corpse for burial of the one who speaks the truth in all charity.

Well, now. That’s an examination of conscience for all of us, isn’t it?


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5 responses to “Epiphany

  1. sanfelipe007

    “Well, now. That’s an examination of conscience for all of us, isn’t it?”
    Yes, it is! The words “the humble and contrite of heart” are key to that examination, and to our approach of the Eucharist.

  2. nancyv

    Yes!… and on this last day to say “Merry Christmas”, I was wondering why our church didn’t use incense yesterday at Sunday’s Epiphany Mass. Shoot, I thought that would be the most excellent time to incense the altar, but no. Too chicken to ask our priest because I didn’t want him to think I was complaining or cause him grief if he “forgot”.

  3. pelerin

    Watching an interview with the new Archbishop of Paris – Mgr Michel Aupetit – I was intrigued to see an unusual modern painting behind him featuring Our Lord on a donkey. Perhaps he is another donkey lover?

  4. Monica Harris

    I would like to know more about “He is also the altar”

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