Internet stalker guy runs two steps: motus in fine velocior

duck chick walk

Just like a textbook study. It’s like this guy is an ossified manualist turning pages and checking off database indicators, still not realizing that baiting baiters can be double reversed, or is that…? But this guy is waaaay too clever for that. This is the guy who writes the manuals. ;-)

Anyway, very quickly in the last number of hours he’s dissociated himself from himself, in two steps.

  • Firstly, he has made of himself not just the speaker for people of the present time, but also for all peoples of past ages, a spirit — dare I say a holy spirit in his mind? — who is disembodied from the stalker himself, you know, an other.
  • Secondly, it is no longer he who is doing the stalking (as that would be bad), but rather it is merely a spirit, apart from himself, who is doing the stalking, a spirit, however, in whom he revels.

The first level of dissociation is not reached by many before they are tossed into prison for unspeakable crimes. He’s now gone a step beyond that.

Typical in all this is the intensity of ideology. The more he tries to claim he is “of tradition”, the more he falls into referencing cultural indicators of ephemeral merely extrinsic value. He’s lost the plot if he’s ever had it. The prouder he is of being in control of that which he mocks, the more he reveals himself as a fraud. Perhaps he begins to see his own inconsistencies and how much he’s revealed about himself. And then he becomes afraid of his own failure, afraid of his own revelation and, you guessed it, he runs away from himself. And this is what flicks the switch, when people, in such self-made dissociation, become violent.

The problem is that even those who do this for a living, that is, baiting and evaluating and writing reports, can fall into their own trap, unbeknownst to themselves, and take matters into their own hands, believing their very own baiting. Not having the plot, the reality of who we are before God, they become their own reality. It all falls apart from there.

Either we have our identity in Christ Jesus or we crunch in on ourselves. But what to do for the one who, so utterly dissociating his good image of himself from the other he has created comes to an impasse and cannot find “closure”, some sort of logical fix. Perhaps they are to absolved of any malicious intent at that stage. But, as Cardinal Ratzinger way back in his seminary days said, an erroneous conscience does not sanctify.


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5 responses to “Internet stalker guy runs two steps: motus in fine velocior

  1. sanfelipe007

    I like the duckling photo. Working with children can lead to many insights of how God sees us. When an “adult” vexes me, I try to find that child that is so precious to the Lord. When I do, the vexation dissipates, leaving only a fatherly concern. What you have here, Father, is no duckling.

  2. I think I have mentioned this before, but Our Lady said, there is no problem that can not be fixed but the recitation of the rosary. i am making rosaries for a local Catholic school’s First Communion and Confirmation classes. It keeps me focused (and busy) – I will pray the rosary for you and your stalker.
    Perhaps all your readers could say a rosary for all concerned – it sure couldn’t hurt.

  3. I like the duckling photo too.

  4. elizdelphi

    As St John of the Cross put it, in Christ God has said everything He has to say and has nothing more to add. Mary makes no claims about the Rosary in sacred Scripture and I am more inclined to think the Mass will cure the world’s ills than one or another particular devotion.

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