Isn’t Christmastide 40 days?

Seen during a Communion Call. 

Can you guess the hymn played by this modern drummer boy?


Filed under Christmas, Missionaries of Mercy

4 responses to “Isn’t Christmastide 40 days?

  1. Father George David Byers

    Not the Drummer Boy. Think French.

  2. Milded

    i can guess that tune in —seconds.?? But I can’t , it ends too fast. Has anyone solved ?? Blessings thru our Infant King 👑,! The wildest of guesses, The Drummer Boy.

  3. Milded

    Next guess i;the only “French” I can think of. Noel. Who has the real answer? I’m going psycho over this.

  4. Father George David Byers

    Yes. Noel. Add three notes going down when it’s done…

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