Jackass for the Hour: Names

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First, a note on the names of some few of the characters in the ecclesiastical thriller novel Jackass for the Hour.

  • Names in Haïtian creole are easy: Pòl (Paul); Ev (Eve); Mari (Mary); Pyè (Peter); Toma (Thomas); Jozèf (Joseph); Jidit (Judith); Pòv (Poor); Estè (Ester); Filmèna (Philomena)… You get the idea.
  • Names such as Ahan, Ámura, Cromeu, Absj, de Colines, Elzevir, Froben, et al., may have ulterior historical meanings.
  • Various characters have names which may make ancient personages come to mind, such as al-Hasan and al-Husayn; Fātimah, daughter of Muhammad, had two sons with those names. In this book, they are simply two modern characters.
  • Some names, like Emet, Tsur-Ēzer, Alexámenos and Hash are explained in the story.


© International 2005-2018 – George David Byers


That’s quite a few names. And that’s just some. A gentleman I consider to have been perhaps the most brilliant person in the world (RIP), well on his way to be the Prime Minister of his country and friends with Pope Benedict, a layman who could sack and have bishops appointed at will, took nine full days, 24/7, to read the 750 pages of Jackass for the Hour, calling it un-put-down-able, a page turner, a thriller, I guess because he knew the issues behind what I was trying to get across and so didn’t mind that it was so very tightly scripted and somewhat difficult to get through.

But he did have one disappoint. Being an attorney and a researcher and an incredibly able interrogator (Yikes!) he way rather dismayed after some chapters at the number of characters. But then he understood that it was reflective of the terribly complex situation in Rome even and perhaps especially today.

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