Homily 2018 01 18 – *Messianic Secret* theory is demonic: Satan & Peter

lourdes serpentWhen I was a seminarian about all I heard was that there was a Messianic Secret. I still can’t wrap my mind around that.

Jesus was preaching, teaching, healing diseases, exorcising demons, raising the dead, reprimanding the religious and political leaders of the day. There was no one who was more well-known than He was, and He never slowed down. He continuously provoked murderous individuals and groups.

So, that doesn’t quite seem to be a Messianic Secret, does it? No.

But why did Jesus tell those who were spreading the truth about Him not to say anything to anyone, you know, like the Apostles and the demons He was exorcising. The demons were mocking Him. The Apostles didn’t know what they were talking about at all, not until our Lord would rise from the dead and send the Holy Spirit.

Peter himself was called Satan. His purposed ignorance was astounding, and of no use to Jesus. But later, after Easter, O.K.

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One response to “Homily 2018 01 18 – *Messianic Secret* theory is demonic: Satan & Peter

  1. sanfelipe007

    I had never heard of this “secret.” Thank you for inoculating me against it.

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