The luckiest priest in the world


The various seasons of the year here in the mountains lift me up into the profundity of all that is ever ancient, ever new, Him who is ever ancient, ever new, the Creator of creation, Jesus, who wants us to be like the littlest of children so as to enter the Kingdom of God. Perhaps it’s because I’m a bit autistic, but I like doing things such as counting the ridges on the mountain chains when they have a light layer of snow on the trees. I count 25 vertical ridges in the picture above. I’m amazed at things like light and darkness. The scene below grabbed my attention. Brrrrrrr!


Bringing Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament to the shut-ins is always a great joy. He’s my companion while wandering through His creation. I love it.


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2 responses to “The luckiest priest in the world

  1. pelerin

    What a magnificent area you live in Father.

    I have learnt quite a few Americanisms when following various US Catholic blogs and you use one here which amuses me – the term ‘shut-ins’ I had never heard before. Here we call them ‘house-bound’ which I suppose is just as odd! Your parishioners are so lucky to receive your visits.

    Here parish visits to those not house-bound became a thing of the past a long time ago due to the shortage of priests. Many years ago when churches used to have two curates and a parish priest in attendance it was always a delight to receive a visit from one of the curates although I am sure they must have suffered from a surfeit of coffee or tea!

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