Road danger: well, no, just some fun, but also some questions

road danger river

The splash, always with the windows wide open and me getting soaked, goes up as high as the trees on the day off. The hood of Sassy the Subaru is about level with the road on the other side of the stream I smash into at pretty high speeds at least once a week. This past week brought the joy of four crossings, pretty much hydroplaning across the water. Saint Peter would have enjoyed being in the passenger seat for this it seems to me. But I only think that because the other side of the stream at those high speeds comes up pretty quickly. This wouldn’t work if it were the Sea of Galilee. And it would be much better to be saved and then reprimanded by our Lord Jesus for our lack of faith than to merely fake out gravity.


As long time readers know, I like to brag about my dad. No apologies. The reason for the decals on the back of Sassy the Subaru are meant to provoke questions. A million times, it seems, I’ve then had the occasion to tell whoever about him. He was commander of the Checkerboard squadron in the North Pacific. The Distinguished Flying Crosses seem to have classified citations still today. North Korea borders a certain country. ;-) Anyway, I’ve been looking at Amazon for metal-foil decals of the USMC like the one at the bottom of the picture above. The one I have, unlike the picture, is now half off and looking pretty miserable. All the ones I’ve seen are vinyl. No metal-foil ones anymore? What’s the deal with that? I think these were given out at Lowes on the 4th of July last. Maybe they were leftovers from recruiter stations or made up by Lowes. Unfortunately, some people really, really, really DO NOT LIKE the back of the car. What’s there to argue with? But it seems to make some people quite aggressive. I don’t think it’s the USMC or Israeli bits. I think it’s the cross and the “4G0D4ALL” plate.

medical bracelet

Anyway, I’ve been thinking of getting a medical bracelet or equivalent in case of any untoward emergency for whatever reason as I do, in fact, have a reason for a bit of special activity by EMTs in whatever catastrophic event. However, I saw that my phone, which goes with me everywhere as I always want to be available if possible, has an option to fill out emergency health information which is easily accessible by EMTs for the same purpose. I’ve done that. But is that good enough or is a physical medical bracelet better?



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10 responses to “Road danger: well, no, just some fun, but also some questions

  1. nancyv

    I like seeing the pictures you show of your father and glad you share them and the stories about him.
    As far as bracelet vs phone, I guess you won’t lose your wrist as easily as you might lose your phone? Though I wouldn’t WANT to wear it, I would wear it for those who love me-their peace of mind.

  2. nancyv

    p.s. your license plate & Star of David with cross is beyond compare. I can imagine it does displease (nice word) some people. Gal. 1:10

  3. I’d go for both. A little insurance never hurts.

    The back of the car is really cool, GO FOR IT! As for smart mouths who don’t like it, perhaps if you gently remind them it’s YOUR car…., nah, those kind of folks don’t rationalize, they just react. Show ’em your Glock. (haha) Looks great to me.

  4. I would opt for the bracelet too. It gives immediate info to them that you are in need of special treatment. A phone might be difficult to find in an emergency. Love the license plate and stickers. God has your” behind” also!

  5. meshugunah

    FWIW, I have both the phone and a bracelet. (Ordered mine thru…) Suggest you check with your doctor to be sure ALL pertinent facts are engraved, as well as an emergency contact. Something else to consider – if you’re on medication, be sure to carry an up-to-date list of med names, doses and prescriber contact info. Makes life in the ER simpler.

  6. sanfelipe007

    Do they make a chip, that they can inject into you, with all that info?

  7. Nan

    Both and. The bracelet may be more obvious than the phone. If you get a chip too, be sure it’s one that the NSA, Mossad, Russia, China and North Korea can all read, for efficiency.

  8. Nan

    The one I just ordered for you says it’s embossed foil.

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