Jackass for the Hour: oopsie!

Sugar. As I start to put up the chapters of Jackass for the Hour, written more than ten years ago, I’m realizing it’s not as out of date as I thought. Some of the people underlying some of the characters have retired or died. At first it seemed that all would change with new people taking up their appointments, but that has not always come to pass, even when everything appeared to be otherwise. Nothing is as it seems.

I realize that it’s a bit early on, but I welcome commentary on the characters in whatever way, on everything literary in whatever way, on the accuracy or not of any technical point. Whereas – what was that not to be named book called? – was factually wrong about pretty much 100% of what was asserted in whatever way, Jackass for the Hour is intended to be verifiable on everything that can be hunted down. Try to catch me out.

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  1. sanfelipe007

    Thank you for putting out your book for us.

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