Road danger: Most accidents happen next to home. Angels to the rescue.

road danger t-bone avoided

Today saw a zillion miles put on Sassy the Subaru with Mass and Communion calls up in Graham county. Vigilant situational awareness was very useful as always, but one tends to relax a bit when right near home. In the picture above, I’m only about 150 yards away from the rectory. Yet, I was still paying attention. The second I saw this lady in her car way down her alleyway to the right, I just knew she was an accident waiting to happen with me. I could have sworn that she looked right at me before she pulled out right in front of me. Had I not immediately slammed on the brakes I would have totally T-boned her driver’s side door, leaving her as a heap of broken bones. I hope I always remember to say the “Angel of God my guardian dear…” prayer as I did every time I started the car today. Do you remember to ask for help from your guardian angel?


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4 responses to “Road danger: Most accidents happen next to home. Angels to the rescue.

  1. Father George David Byers

    Not his driving. The other drivers!

  2. pelerin

    My young parish priest makes the Sign of the Cross before a car journey. The first time I accepted a lift from him I was not sure whether I should do the same. I decided not to as he might think I was not fully confident in his driving!!

  3. sanfelipe007

    Yesterday, a friend told me that a beloved parish priest, Father Becker, was given 12 hours to live. Everyone in the room began a rosary for his happy death. A few hours later, he went to his eternal reward. Father Becker was my longtime Confessor. He was the Priest who taught me (unbeknownst to him) to say “Jesus, I love you.”

    I would appreciate it if you would remember him by name, during your next Mass. His name is Fr. Robert Becker.

  4. Father George David Byers

    Yes absolutely. That’s a wonderful thing to remember him by.

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