Shadow-dog eating stainless steel


Water dishes are fair game, I guess. A bit self-destructive if you get thirsty.

So, here’s my temporary solution. Cement blocks. I’m thinking a nicer looking affair would be perhaps six carriage bolts holding the dish down to the cement slab.


I may have to lay two standing up sideways in the back with another laid over the top front.


Filed under Dogs, Missionaries of Mercy

4 responses to “Shadow-dog eating stainless steel

  1. Lara L Traylor

    Father, we got galvanized buckets sized so that the bowls fit in the top like a recessed sink – filled the buckets up with cement and then sealed the bowls to the rim/top of the buckets. Not only does it weigh them and keep them from (mostly) from tipping, but the raised aspect is a little healthier way of partaking nourishment for the larger dogs.

  2. sanfelipe007

    So when Snoopy was shown presenting the dog-bowl in his mouth to Charlie Brown, it was Schultz’s way of dealing with his own dog’s habits?

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