GOP’s US-FISC FISA Warrant Memo

I’ll be watching closely for many reasons as the Memo may unwittingly answer some questions I have about possibilities regarding a number of operations that involve the first amendment, specifically the free exercise of religion. ;-)

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One response to “GOP’s US-FISC FISA Warrant Memo

  1. domestictranquility

    Where was this dem enthusiasm when known classified information was compromised by her extremely careless protection of national security?
    Deny everything then counter-accuse…..the last feeble breaths of Dems.
    Spin crazy on a factual cleared unclas memo….but ignore & clear Hillary?
    Time to stifle the ignorant rhetoric demlibbies & face your failures…shameful.
    Let the adults fix your damages while you visit your removed & incarcerated folk…
    You got caught trying to blame your selfserving illegalities on your targets.
    Illegal, immoral, unethical fools….all.
    Very soon to be discovered & disgraced in the public domain….finally

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