Holy Mass for Father Gordon J MacRae, for Max, for other prisoners


M.D. has started to regularly send in a couple of Mass stipends a month with the intention being for Father Gordon J MacRae, for Pornchai Maximilian Moontri and for the other prisoners with them. I’ve been offering those Masses for them. I wouldn’t want to take more than that in favor of respecting the Mass intentions we already have in the parish. Right at the start I had asked Father Gordon whether or not I should send those on to him, but he said that he only had just a few opportunities a month to offer Mass and wanted to be free to offer those Masses for specific intentions he has in mind. Anyway, one way or another, Holy Mass is offered for the intention intended.

P.S. Regarding that picture above – I forget who put that up on the internet (they should be commended for staging this) – I have to say that it has freaked out a number of people, including a seminarian preparing to recite the consecrations at Mass as a priest of Jesus. This is exactly what happens.


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2 responses to “Holy Mass for Father Gordon J MacRae, for Max, for other prisoners

  1. sanfelipe007

    Yes, the Holy Mass unites us all with Christ, across time and space. If the Church can validly grant a general absolution, trusting the penitent to make a formal confession later, will not the Lord consider what is offered for intentions regardless of time?

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