Nikolas Cruz: empty name, empty ID. Where is God in all this?

crucifix drawing john of the cross

How ironic.

  • Nikolas, derived from the Greek, means “he conquers the people.” But he conquered no one. He killed them, but he didn’t own them, so to speak. He just did the supremely cowardly thing, using an overwhelming tool to hide behind. So, just a wimpy bully. Involved with himself. Saying with the violence that no one matters but him. And he doesn’t matter because no one else matters. Projecting his emptiness on others.
  • Cruz, derived from the Latin, refers to the “cross,” clearly the cross upon which Jesus was put to death, Himself dying in the place of others, exactly what Nikolas Cruz didn’t do.

And then there’s the coach who went out of his way to take bullets for others and has now died. Good for him. He wasn’t a coward. He made the supreme sacrifice. He provides a good example. He lived his good example. A spectacularly wonderful act of love for his students. A real teacher, truly conquering those for whom he was responsible with self-sacrificing love, the love of the cross.

How ironic. Our Lord always… always… works with irony. May the angels lead that coach into paradise. There is no greater love. Where is God in all this? Look at what that coach did. That’s where we can find God.


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2 responses to “Nikolas Cruz: empty name, empty ID. Where is God in all this?

  1. Gina Nakagawa

    In paradisum deducant te Angeli.

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