Homily 2018 02 16 Fast like Pharisees or fast like “Sons of the Bridal Chamber”

fulton sheen preaching mass

I absolutely love preaching. I learn a lot.

Um. That doesn’t sound right, does it? Doesn’t it sound self-serving? Self-referential? Self-absorbed? Promethean? Self-congratulatory? Neo-Pelagian? Yes.

But it’s true: I do learn a lot.

That’s relative, of course. A lot for me might be next to nothing and just stupid for others.

Some talk down preaching. Some say it doesn’t belong at Mass. Some insist that it’s not part of liturgy. Take off that maniple while you’re preaching! Take off that chasuble while you’re preaching! It’s not part of Mass! Some actually attack priests for preaching with ad hominem remarks, speaking of their probable pride and hubris.

  • It’s almost as if Saint John Chrysostom never preached at Mass.
  • It’s almost as if Saint Augustine never preached at Mass.

I’m convinced that preaching is blessed by our Lord.

It’s a small point – what I learned today at Mass, while preaching – but to me it is very far-reaching. It’s about grief, which comes from love, which is very personal, not an ideology. I found out more about just how it is that Jesus is the One, He’s the only One.


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3 responses to “Homily 2018 02 16 Fast like Pharisees or fast like “Sons of the Bridal Chamber”

  1. Nan

    Picture looks more like Fulton Sheen than you. What?

  2. Monica Harris

    Thank you very much for your lovely/brutal preaching, Fr Byers—I needed to hear this very topic last night—far sweeter to fast and mourn for Whom we love than for nothing at all.

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