Pundits: “See guy with gun in trailer park? Call FBI!” (poor = terrorist)


“If you see something, say something. Do you see a guy with a gun in a trailer park? Call the FBI!”

The reasoning behind this is: If you are poor, you are a terrorist.

I’ve heard this now four times already after the Florida school shooting on syndicated news programs.

Let me tell you a story:

One of our local deputies, a drug-detective, in arresting the parents of girl about ten years old, adopted that girl. He and his wife already had a raft of kids, and then adopted her. Law enforcement officers get paid just about nothing. They live in a trailer because they can’t afford anything else, because they are generous, loving, decent, wonderful human beings. Oh yes… if you’re wondering… he also has a gun…

Pundits who say that all people who live in trailer parks are terrorists in potentia and if they have guns are actually terrorists are pundits who are themselves dangerous to society. Such comments cause a rift so severe in society that you get terrorist incidents as a result. Just. Wow. All for sensationalism.

I never bothered, but I should just go ahead and count all the trailers with a law enforcement take-home-cruiser parked next to them.

Pundits say: “Stop the slaughter.” Some pundits should stop being such arrogant idiots.


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2 responses to “Pundits: “See guy with gun in trailer park? Call FBI!” (poor = terrorist)

  1. Once again elitism raises its ugly head. I once wondered what would have happened if there were no distinguishing attributes among the people of the world. You know, race, nationality, beauty, strength, etc. If we were all alike – and this answers the question. Money! Of course! Actually it’s always been one of the major things that separate us but it’s not always as obvious as the former ones.

  2. sanfelipe007

    “Elitism.” Didn’t Dr. Suess tangentially touch upon this, in his book “The Lorax?”

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