Woman jailed for baptizing her girl


I don’t know all the circumstances. It seems she and her hubby agreed to have the child raised Catholic. The judge didn’t like what he called criminal contempt. Something’s not right in this story. I wish I knew more.

I wish I knew more because I could be the next pastor of that parish in this diocese of Charlotte, North Carolina. Maybe not, but maybe so. But it is in my diocese.

I will say this: I do know of a decision by the North Carolina Supreme Court regarding penalties imposed by North Carolina courts over against religious persons, a decision which in its own text rejected the free exercise of religion as expressed and defended by the Constitution and Supreme Court of these United States. In other words, the North Carolina Judiciary – in letting that law stand – basically doesn’t give a damn about the free exercise of religion and is itself in contempt of the citizenry of these United States.


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5 responses to “Woman jailed for baptizing her girl

  1. From what little I know the issue was that the father had been given custody in this matter. Apparently there have been issues in the court case. She was asked in the court if she understood that ruling. She then went ahead and had the child baptised without even letting the father know. When he notified the court that she’d broken the order put in place giving him custody in these matters she claimed through her lawyer that she hadn’t understood the ruling and didn’t think it applied yet. It isn’t ultimately about the baptism, it’s about her violating a court order from what I can see. I mean, I could be wrong but in this at least I don’t think it’s a freedom of religion issue but all I have is from the news articles I’ve read online.

    • Father George David Byers

      Yes. But I wonder about all that imasmuch as she said they had both agreed that it was ok for her to be baptised. Dunno.

  2. sanfelipe007

    Wow! I thought this must have occurred under sharia law.

  3. @Father I understood that as they both agreed that she should be baptised in theory. As in both of them would have said “Yes, she’s going to be baptised” but they hadn’t agreed on the circumstances I suppose we can just wait and see.

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