making cheap and handy targets


Pictured is a detail of my own printed (legal size paper) of the important detail of the inside bottle of the FBI QIT 97-99 combo target useful for the FAM TPC (pre-2001). Too complicated to set up. That means, eventually, unusable because too hard means unused.

So, compromising, it’s time to work through a pack of el-cheapo 9″ paper plates with a central ribbon representing a detail of the inside bottle, though that’s smaller too. Instead of measuring it all out, I’m just tracing a 3.5″ wide so-called “two by four” over the plate to be held up easily by just one loop of the loopy wire sign holders available from Lowes for pennies. Interestingly, the wire absorbs a 9mm FMJ with a mere dent, which is easy to fix with your hands alone. Because of being 1/4″ smaller to the sides, hitting the line still brings 5 points instead of 2. Here are Laudie-dog and Shadow-dog showing off the new el-cheapo super easy to make, super easy to set up targets:


You would think they’re cats.

  • Copy-Paper targets make ripped holes and make counting difficult.
  • Cardboard targets explode holes and make counting difficult.
  • Paper-plate targets are just right and can be super-easily changed out every course so you don’t have to make due with used targets for a new course.


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