Homily 2018 02 25 – A Transfigured Examination of Conscience for Lent


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  1. elizdelphi

    Had my catechism kids tour the confessional room then sit in the church in front of the tabernacle and examine their conscience today. Back in class I told them that Jesus took all our sins on Himself and accepted the punishment for them and died to save us and rose again “because He loves us so very, very much.” One boy had been very, very distracted in the past so the DRE made his mom sit with him in class today; the boy did not seem unduly embarrassed by this and the whole class were better than usual and so we zoomed through 3 chapters in the textbook. This mom is Mexican and I think she only partly understands English but looked amazed through the whole class, she seemed very supportive and asked for her distracted boy to sit in the middle of the front row in the future. It is seeming like these interventions are having a very positive effect on him which is great as he is perhaps the kid in the class I have been the most worried about and who has done the least work and is the most prone to ask challenging type questions while not listening to what I teach, and once described himself a little sadly as a “bad boy”. No he’s not, and I am hopeful maybe he can become the “most improved”. Next week they watch a video about the Last Things that past classes have always watched attentively and with seriousness.
    I am hoping there is a new chapter of “Jackass for the Hour” soon?

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