Jackass for the Hour: Memories!

One of the more outrageous characters in Jackass for the Hour is pere Jaques, you remember him, the one with the camera and the pictures of Father Alexamenos. Couldn’t happen you say? I did make up that detail of the novel for the sake of the story. Even I think it’s a bit much. Until just now…

As I now, finally, look over the next chapter of Jackass for the Hour to put up, a sentence popped out about the crowd in the Paul VI Audience Hall at the trial perhaps not being convinced any longer that the photos of Father Alexamenos were conclusive.

For all these chapters I’ve republished on the blog in these past weeks I had not recalled something that happened years after I had finished the first edition of Jackass for the Hour now more than a dozen years ago. What had happened was quite a few more years closer to our own day and had to do with, well, we’ll nickname him Father Jaques, that not being his real name. I had not even thought of this while Father Jaques was doing what he was doing, that is, what I had already written about in Jackass for the Hour.

This fellow claimed he had a camera with pictures about untoward behavior he was accusing others of committing. Knowing this fellow to be a breathless drama queen, I immediately went on an offensive defense and made a big deal of this claim. This scared him altogether, and he remain scared. There was a kind of trial of those he was accusing, but he’s the one who came out looking like a total jerk. He fessed up that there was no camera, no pictures, no reason for him to say what he did. All a nuclear explosion.

He was on a crusade. I remember Father Gordon writing about this once: Be Wary of Crusaders! The Devil Sigmund Freud Knew Only Too Well.

And now I think of other incidents with cameras… Goodness gracious… This is why I like to write things. It helps my memory and keeps me sharp in remembering things in sharp detail. What a fright.

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