Inquiry about El Salvador

I got a heart-breaking inquiry about tragic human suffering, asking if I knew anyone who could help. Not that I know anything, but the inquirer might want to do up an inquiry at the email address mentioned on this page:

Probably you’ll meet with a brick wall. There’s more than one way to skin a cat. Since you’re an attorney, you might have success contacting this fellow, though note that although this guy has his offices at Main State, this is not officially part of Main State (it being that it just has everything to do with Main State):

He’s the guy, it seems, who paid my parking ticket without me asking when I paid a visit to Main State the other year. Friendly. I would really go after this guy. Watch his youtube video seminars looking for attorneys and students to sign up to work at this office and you’ll get an inkling as to exactly what he does.

The last time I was asked to help someone concerned trying to set up an emergency extraction from a country whose consulate was running on nothing, with no electricity for, like, five months, with security worse than Benghazi. Main State washed their hands of everything. Lots of CYA going on. No one cares because it’s not right now in the news or under scrutiny in Congress.

Having said that, you have my prayers and blessings for success in your good work for the least of our brothers among us. Thank you.

Oh, and, of course, your State Senators might be able to intervene and put pressure on the Consulate or on the guy at Main State on your behalf. You’ll want to tell them what you did so far. No one wants to be have a stigma of not having cared about the topic you bring up. We want to believe, as well, don’t we, that people would actively want to help.

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