Flowers for the Immaculate Conception (wisely holding back for a while ed.)


No explosions of growth from the Guadalupe Rose. I’m happy with that since I’m still guessing that there’s going to be quite a freeze and snow storm before Winter breaks definitively. The bush is still recovering from its being transplanted away from “Shadow”-dog. But I don’t see a flowerless rose bush. I do see potential. But I also see something good in and of itself, regardless of flowers, seeing that it’s trying.

There are fruitless fig trees that Jesus cursed as an analogy to a soul which should be bearing fruit but does not and should therefore be uprooted. But there are also those times when difficult obstacles come to the fore for whatever soul and it seems like there is not much fruit being borne, and yet Jesus can call that carrying the cross, knowing more than we that we are then bringing forth very much for the entirety of the Mystical Body of Christ.

And that is a flower for the Immaculate Conception, good mom of her Divine Son.

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