Is that Fr George’s corpse in the river?

valley river andrews nc-

There was a report in the paper earlier this past week (Thursday) about a body matching the description of yours truly which was found in the river that wends its way through the mountains here in the parish. Various and sundry people told me today that they thought for sure that it was me, well, until they saw me today at Mass! It’s someone who sure looks like Fr George, they said. Not me. Anyway, this is yet another death besides the murder we also had the other week. A busy small town.


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7 responses to “Is that Fr George’s corpse in the river?

  1. gueydangirl

    Wow. Never a dull moment!

  2. James Anderson

    May God continue to bless and protect you.

  3. Gina Nakagawa

    Praise God that it was not you, Father. May that poor soul rest in the peace of the Lord, and may Easter be his resurrection.

  4. elizdelphi

    “Rumors of my death have been greatly exaggerated.”

    As Father Z says, “You are all going to die!!!! So GO TO CONFESSION!”

  5. How weird… I wonder if it is sign or message to be interpreted?

    Or just a coincidence!

  6. joisygoil

    Glad you are ok, Father. Ditto to what James Anderson said.

  7. what’s going on up there in them hills? Stay safe….

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