THAT package left at the rectory door doesn’t look suspicious. No, not at all.


I admit that the first second I saw this package apparently with no labels outside the rectory door this morning my first thought was the package-bombs in Austin, Texas. The drivers for UPS, USPS and FEDEX all know me and all leave the packages under the carport to the side of the rectory. This was was soaked in yesterday’s rain. It all looks bad, thought I, not wanting to be paranoid.

Then I remembered! Dearest Charlene, my most favorite person of the U.S. Department of State, the most unafraid diplomat I know, told me a couple of days ago that I should expect a package with treats for Laudie-dog and Shadow-dog. I grabbed it and turned it about, finding the labels which confirmed the whole story. Ripping it open, I gave both dogs a taste of their multitude of treats. Thanks, Charlene.


Usually there was something for Father George-donkey, but, well, O.K., it’s still Lent and there shouldn’t be any treats for me. ;-)

We pray for the victims, victims families and law enforcement, for all those who suffer terrorism right around the world. Hail Mary…


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6 responses to “THAT package left at the rectory door doesn’t look suspicious. No, not at all.

  1. Paul Maliborski

    As long as it wasn’t from Austin, your okay. Just kick it and see what happens. If nothing happens tie a rope to Jenny and have her pull it around the block. All else fails, take it out back and dispose of it. All sugar, a 9MM most likely will not penetrate that thick cardboard. better come over and get a real equalizer.

  2. pelerin

    I fully understand your apprehension at receiving an unexpected parcel. Many years ago my husband and I returned home to find an unexpected parcel on the doorstep with no sender’s address. The ‘troubles’ were still on in Ireland and having an Irish surname we did wonder at its contents. My husband reminded me that I had once worked in a Jewish school too and perhaps someone objected to that. Our imagination ran wild for a moment! Eventually we plucked up the courage to open it and it was a surprise present of Cornish clotted cream from friends who were on holiday in Cornwall! I am so glad yours turned out to be a generous present for your dogs from Charlene.

  3. I got a package today too. My son asked, “were you expecting a package?” I didn’t think so, the return address didn’t look familiar, then I figured maybe this is the rosary supplies I ordered. So we said a Hail Mary and opened it. Aha! It was the fishing reel we ordered from ebay for my other son’s birthday – both of us forgot about that. Then we turned on the TV and heard about the bomber in Pflugerville. JMJ pray for us.

  4. sanfelipe007

    The “Austin bomber” is no more. But as Father likes to say, “Things are not as they seem.” God knows what this was all about.

  5. Nan

    Suspicious dog treats!

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