Homily 2018 03 22 – Jesus: “I AM.”



O.K. I forgot to erase the files from the flash card for a while. So, that was that.

Jesus: Abraham rejoiced to see my day (making Jesus really old because he continued to live – as souls do – after death, as life is changed, not ended).

Crowd: You are not yet 50 years old (trying to make Jesus the God-Man really something like a couple thousand years old, going the other direction).

Jesus: Before Abraham was, I AM (with Jesus taking them up on the reverse dating and going a step farther into the past, and not only this, but using the name, title, description, whatever, for God, I AM, of burning bush fame).

Jesus goes way, way, way out of His way to antagonize his adversaries to the point that they pick up rocks to stone Him to death. And they will kill Him, as we all did by way of original sin and our own personal rubbish.

Jesus doesn’t leave us in our dumbed down stupidity, but rather lets us know exactly where we are at so that we can instead be on our way to heaven in His grace by way of repentance and humble thanksgiving.

P.S. There are a multitude of really evil Scripture commentators who say that Jesus never anywhere in the Gospels “claims” to be God. But actually, Jesus is everywhere doing this (with the Father and the Holy Spirit). Everywhere, all the time, blatantly, explicitly. That kind of lying is to be expected by the hateful posing as “believers” who take special glee in scandalizing the faithful, some of whom, mind you, take scandal and with ethereal sophistication say, “But the experts say that Jesus isn’t divine or didn’t know He was divine.” Hey! I know! People can read the Gospels with love and see what’s actually there. It can be done in our Lord’s grace.

The key of knowledge:

  • humble thanksgiving
  • humble thanksgiving
  • humble thanksgiving

Because Jesus, God, who is I AM before Abraham, loves us so very much.

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