Just inches tall: not a donkey, but cool


My neighbor next to the rectory has a ultra-super-miniature-pony in his back yard, just a hand-full of hands high. What’s cool is that Shadow-dog and Laudie-dog are totally cool with that: no barking. I guess this grass eating machine, so tiny, is not a rival or threat, though I’m sure it packs a pretty powerful kick. The neighbor, a firefighter, has a kid who is small enough though just old enough to ride this “horse” (by species). Breed horses like that all you want. But, please, don’t do that to donkeydom. Then I would object.

Do the analogy. We’re all born a little bit – how to say it? – off the mark, not because God made a mistake but because of original sin. We get socked with all sorts of things. Too tall, too short, blind, crippled… or challenged in a thousand different ways… But, given that we’re all smacked down in this world. Given that we all have something, can we not just use these things in service of the Lord. The little guy in the picture above gives joy to the likes of a little kid which he otherwise couldn’t do.

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