March for “our” lives

march for our lives nra assassination

Detail of an Associated Press photo. 3-24-2018


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5 responses to “March for “our” lives

  1. Gina Nakagawa

    Truly sad. So much in our society depends on total ignorance of the truth, and it grows more so every day. May God have mercy upon us. We are so culpably foolish.

  2. Aussie Mum

    I wonder if the protestors have thought through what degree and kind of gun control they want. Obviously, some restrictions are necessary so that guns are sold for legitimate purposes only; that is, for self defence and hunting food or culling animal populations to safeguard crops. However, even then, some will fall into the hands of those with murderous intent at the time or who will explode with murderous rage at some time in the future, but the elimination of gun sales to law abiding citizens will not stop that. Australia has strict gun control laws preventing us from owning guns for self defence, but criminals have them because they do not obey the law. Does this make Australians safer? Probably not! A terrorist in France has just killed innocent civilians and a policeman who offered himself in exchange for one or more hostages. Would those dead still be alive if the men and women initially targeted had guns to defend themselves? Quite possibly! I don’t like guns but stopping their ownership for self defence when criminals have them doesn’t make sense.

  3. joisygoil

    It’s true! The criminals (bad guys) don’t obey the laws. Making more just gives them more to ignore. If laws were obeyed, we’d only need ten.

  4. sanfelipe007

    Ten. I just got that!

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