Chrism Mass and little kid artists…


The little kid artists at Sacred Heart school were again tasked this year with coming up with original one of a kind place-mats for the meal for the priests after the Chrism Mass. Not looking at the place-mats, I just sat down any old place and then, oh my, took in this well thought out prophesy-prayer place-mat. Nothing is coincidental, is it? I showed this later to the neighbor at the hermitage and he got all choked up, as did I. He prays for priests all the time…

Here’s my take on this, some random thoughts. Of course, I’m just reading into whatever I want, but it’s my place-mat, right? :-) It’s all probably just geometric designs. But since I have a very active imagination (which can be a good thing), follow me in my art appreciation. We’ll end up in… ///

I erased the rest of this post in favor of seeing what some of you might say about this…


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11 responses to “Chrism Mass and little kid artists…

  1. I am very moved by this, too. May God protect all of our priests and may God bless the little kid who drew this!

  2. Gina Nakagawa

    I think the Holy Spirit was hovering over this child during the drawing process. This is truly Divinely inspired. It is the perfect prayer for this difficult time when holy priests are attacked and the flock is being divided and scattered.

  3. I agree with Gina and the Holy Spirit made sure that you sat down at that particular placemat!

  4. litteralis

    Expresses my thoughts about exorcists exactly, Father. No one needs the blessing and protection of Our Lord more. May He keep you safe and well.
    V. resp’y,

  5. Nan

    What a sweet message from God.

  6. A delightful drawing 🙂

    I first saw Numbers 6:24-26 (those words are set music which is now ringing around in my head).

    In addition (and I am sure this is not what you see) but I see the cross and chalice resting on/over a bench. The significance of a bench (seat) for me is a place to sit and rest a while in quiet contemplation.

  7. Cathe D.

    Thank you for sharing this wonderful picture. There is a huge, deep message there for you. Just to point out one thing though. I look at the altar and I see the red and white bars. What comes to my mind immediately is Divine Mercy. Is it a coincidence that you sat at this place mat? I don’t believe in coincidences, Father George. Of course there is so much more to this precious picture. Its a keeper! God bless you! Catherine

  8. nancyv

    May God bless you (with the crosses He gives you) and God protect you as are alter Christi (and give Jesus to others)
    Thanks for sharing!

  9. elizdelphi

    The thing I notice is that unlike my 6th grade catechism kids, this one has internalized the lesson that God is a proper noun and you capitalize it.

    You are saying Mass in a jail cell with red bars and a green and white striped ceiling and a green and white striped floor and blue side walls? Or, not necessarily in jail but ad orientem on a green and white striped altar with vertical red stripes on the wall and a green and white striped gradine? You are blessed by the Cross and protected by the Eucharist.

  10. nancyv

    and the white space on 4 corners is like a veil…or a camera lense focusing in.

  11. Aussie Mum

    This child’s picture is beautiful. The horizontal green bars bring nature to mind and therefore the world we live in. The blue shapes at the sides are not bars and have more width, expansive comes to mind suggesting the sky, freedom and heaven; also Our Lady because blue is her colour. The vertical red bars remind me of the Precious Blood and sufferings of this life that are the way to Heaven. The Cross is what saves us and the sign the priest blesses us with. Holy Communion, represented by the chalice and host, spring from the Sacrifice of the Cross and is therefore placed beside the cross in the picture. Our Lord comes to us in Holy Communion through the priest, protecting us from the devil and keeping us on the path to heaven. I think this picture is a “thank you” card to our priests for spending their lives to get us to heaven.

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