FBI & FAM: Aim after Chrism Mass


Stage three of the FBI course if I remember correctly.

The Chrism Mass in this diocese coincides with my day off, and the hermitage is on my way back to the parish after the Chrism Mass, so, you know, you gotta do what you gotta do. Not having much time and only one box of ammo – and no shot-timer so it’s less than non-official – I raced through the FBI course (60 shots) and pre-2001 Federal Air Marshal course (30 shots) cold barrel. And then, with a few bullets left over, set this 1″squared stick swinging, cutting it in half with those bullets. Mind you, my target is just a small fraction of the size of targets they use:


Extra markings aren’t needed with these small foam plates (which really hold up well under fire, as it were), since the inside circle is the width of the “inside bottle” of FBI QIT 97-99 fame.


  • FBI: 80%, that is, 100% until the last stages, when I lost some points. Still a pass but not good enough. I wonder if I would get 100% with the full targets. But that would be complacency, so I’ll just keep trying for 100% with the tiny targets.
  • FAM: 98%. Just one bullet was a bit off on the draw from concealed at 180 degrees, pivot to shoot at three targets each three yards apart seven yards away drill. And I’m sure I was a bit slow on the draw without the pushing from the shot-timer.

For me this was simply fun. Think of it: after a very pleasant Chrism Mass (this time almost 100% of priests showing up, which is great, renewing friendships and meeting new friends) and a very pleasant meal together afterward, that is, for all the priests as put on by the bishop himself (very, very cool of him), and a pleasant, restful, ultra-super-scenic drive that most people only dream about in the ultra-sassy Sassy the Subaru Forester… running through a box of ammo at Holy Souls Hermitage (never forgetting the famous Angelus run* just there) these FBI and FAM courses were a great way to end the day before the last 2 1/2 hour stint to through the mountains to the parish.

I only bring this up to encourage those of you that do carry to get out there and sharpen your skills a bit. It’s a perishable skill that needs renewing all the time, just like our souls need shriving until we get to heaven. Right?

*No matter what, my guardian angel always but always reminds me to offer the Angelus just at that place for the bishop and priests of the diocese. It is what it is. Is there a certain place in which you are always reminded to pray a prayer for someone, like a cemetery, or a certain place in a church or home?

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