Picture of Fathers Day for Priests


Fathers Day for Priests is the day they renew their promises all together with the bishop of their (arch)diocese in the Cathedral. The promises are all about renewing what their intentions were at the time of their ordination, that is, to be of service to Christ Jesus in His Priesthood, doing this through preaching the Word, through the Sacraments, through getting the members of the Mystical Body of Christ on their way to heaven. All of this is summarized in the photo above. Gotta love the shoes of the kid in the picture above (sent in by a reader).


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7 responses to “Picture of Fathers Day for Priests

  1. pelerin

    What a beautiful picture – thank you Father for putting it on your blog.
    A Very Happy Easter to you and very sincere thanks to you and to all Priests throughout the world for having answered God’s call.

  2. pelerin

    I agree with nancyv. My parish priest is of a similar age to my youngest son and yet I find it easy to think of him as a father and not at all awkward.

  3. pelerin

    PS I have just realised that as I understand priests retire at 75 years of age from this year all active priests will be younger than me! A strange feeling but as nancyv writes it is not difficult to regard young priests as good fathers and easy to separate the vocation from the person. Whether celebrating Mass or in the Confessional the age of the priest becomes irrelevant.

  4. nancyv

    That really is a sweet picture, and that is how I want to picture all priests, caring for the souls of us little ones. What is strange is that I do regard even the young priests as a good father to me, even though I am much older.

  5. joisygoil

    My pastor is 82 and going strong. God Bless, him. He says he will retire when Jesus takes his hand and says, ‘it’s time.’

    • Father George David Byers

      I know someone to whom that happened. He was saying what was happening to his wife and then he dropped…

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