Assassination attempt. Building the shrines.

This is the spot not far from the obelisk where Saint John Paul II was almost taken out by the Muslim KGB guy. A humble marker. JPII lived another 24 years. But still. Can’t it at least say what happened? Or is that “building the shrines of the prophets” as the hypocrites do? He drew me into the confessional, to the priesthood, unto the Eucharist. He’s John Paul the great to me.


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3 responses to “Assassination attempt. Building the shrines.

  1. Cathe D.

    I had two dreams of Pope John Paul II when he was alive in his latter years. It was so intense that I will remember them to my dying day. He is still close to me and I really miss him. Thank you Father George for the picture of the marker. I found that there was not much notice made of the anniversary of his death this year. Maybe it was due to when Easter fell. Yes I agree, Father George, he is Pope John Paul, The Great!
    God bless you!

  2. pelerin

    Was it really that long ago? 1981 if my roman numerals are correct? I still remember the shock when I heard the news, where I was and who I was with. How wonderful that he was the one responsible for your answering the call to the Priesthood.

  3. And I was blessed to see him a few years after it happened. I had thought I wouldn’t get near him because they wouldn’t let him leave the popemobile. To my surprise and joy, he got out right near me, turned to me and as I held up the two rosaries I had bought, he blessed them and me! I will never forget that moment!

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