Street mafia = Vatican security. Nothing is as it seems, ever.

Not this guy.

There’s a line through security into Saint Peter’s that reportedly takes five, even six hours. That’s if you don’t cut the line. Enter the street mafia. Pay them and they will shove you into the front of the line. They look like tour operators. The sheeple don’t complain. You pay to calm your conscience down. The ones you are kicking in the face are poorer than you.

Not this guy.

Street Mafia: “Pay me to skip the line to enter the church.”

Since I had to wait a bit for my friend who was, as always, busy with the Holy Father, I decided to put a certain skill set to work. Get a stopwatch!

Within just a few minutes I had the whole mafia hierarchy down, the name of the anti-mafia LEO assigned to the piazza, names, places, even family pictures, who collects from who and how much. Easy peasy. All good conversation.

One guy, while looking the part, had a rather different background. He was a seminarian with the […] for 13 years (I suppose including minor seminary). He did his licentiate thesis on immigration. This was now it seems a role playing exercise for a doctoral thesis, also with a counterterrorism aspect with cooperation with police.

He said he left the […], but when he gave me his contact details they were still those with the […]. I’m sure he’s a priest. I left him sure that he had left the priesthood to be a cop, but now I think he’s still a priest cooperating with cops as he tries to get to know the Dynamics of the street mafia. That kind of knowledge makes for trusted leadership.

And here I was trying to convince him to go back to the […]. He’s a 1000 times a better priest than I. Nothing is as it seems.


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2 responses to “Street mafia = Vatican security. Nothing is as it seems, ever.

  1. elizdelphi

    At one of my homeless volunteer jobs I did once encounter someone who was undercover in the homeless community for the purpose of working on a thesis or dissertation or something, at least that was what he claimed and I did believe it.

    But, surely only in Rome would you find a priest doing something similar. Is that the man in the top photo about whom you say “not this guy”?

    Eventually the Holy Father got done with your friend and you got to see him?

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