Young St Benedict’s living quarters in Rome

3 feet wide, 10 feet long, 15 feet high. I bet he had a loft for his senatorial studies. Some pillows?

Here’s the new church, looking like it was built by the crusaders…

John and John, both my confirmation saints[!], Pointing out the Lamb of God. Always. It’s all about Jesus.

Superb architecture. We are just so boring and unimaginative these days.

Anyway, young Benedict found Rome so corrupt that he fled to a cave for three years in remote mountains at the center of his country. Imagine that. Who else in their right mind would ever do that?


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5 responses to “Young St Benedict’s living quarters in Rome

  1. pelerin

    Love the last sentence!

  2. I know someone! 🙂

  3. Gina Nakagawa

    The situation in Church architecture is far worse than “than boring and unimaginative.” To quote the title of a very good book, it is “Ugly as Sin! ” Hope the rest of your stay is profitable and enjoyable. Safe trip home, Father.

  4. sanfelipe007

    Now, when you say “right mind…”

  5. Michael

    I love that little church. I believe it’s got the smallest belltower in Rome? And so out of the way, too.

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