Dog poop, custody of the eyes, situational awareness, spiritual life

Observing the saints in Rome such as Aloysius Gonzaga, one will surely be impressed by their humble custody of the eyes. Or so said a fellow seminarian way back in the day before making the sardonic comment that this was merely the way to avoid stepping on dog poop. There’s been dog poop at that narrow almost unavoidable spot near the Angelicum for the past 40 years. I check. But it’s not a matter of looking only at dog poop or otherwise your soul being as good as dog poop. No no. You can have situational awareness and be entirely chaste with blazing purity of heart and agility of soul regardless of what you otherwise see in decadent sleazy Rome or anywhere else in this world of exile away from our heavenly homeland. And that involves a friendship of humble thanksgiving with our Lord. And that involves something for which to be humbly thankful. That involves Confession. Love of God is love of neighbor. And vice versa. Love of neighbor is love of God.


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4 responses to “Dog poop, custody of the eyes, situational awareness, spiritual life

  1. Gina Nakagawa

    This post is fine material for contemplation. Thank you, Father.

  2. pelerin

    Not sure I want to contemplate what is in that photo!

  3. sanfelipe007

    I know what you mean, Father. I was taught a harsh lesson by my GA (which I detailed in a comment a while back in another post of yours. Long story short, the person I did not wish to see (“unclean!”), or help, was none other than Christ, the Lord who needed my love.

    That was when I learned how terrifying the words “how long have I been with you and you still do not know me?” truly are.

  4. nancyv

    A way of saying “in everything, give thanks to God!”…and more.
    Thank you Fr. Byers. You are helping me understand humility.

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